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Original paintings of Maine in Pastel, Watercolor, Oil, Asian Ink and Japanese Gold Leaf.

Right off the Easel

Fall Maine Pastel

Barrens Meet Sea by Birches – Sold


 My work is exploring the landscapes and the seascapes, the elements and the objects  that shape life here on the coast of Downeast Maine. This existence  tightly entwined  with the primal rhythms of nature stirs and fosters awareness and wonder.

whopaints Gallery & Studio in Winter Harbor, Maine

is open to the public year round. It is place in which one can relax, browse, ask questions and investigate supplies.


Being essentially a visual story teller, I work in 5 different medium choosing the one with the right ‘voice’ for the story being told.

Watercolor is liquid and amorphous I let the water move the pigment.

Sailboat Watercolor

Before the Cloud Burst

Soft pastel on sand paper builds depth taking the eye into the picture. Using a tender wrist while not blending, 10-15 layers can be built up including using complementary and warm and cool colors without greying.



Tides Patterns on sand pastel

Tidal Dawn Patterns

Oil Flowers and Old Buildings

History and Flowers


Oil builds relief

Asian Ink is immediate capturing the essence or spirit of what is being painted. This medium and the Gold Leaf are a wedding of my two cultures. Having lived on the coast in both Maine and Northern Japan engendered my reverence for the rawness of less civilization.

Asian Ink Painting of Crow

Hunkered Down

Low Tide on Copper

Low Tide Patterns

Gold leaf is eloquent ever changing in all different lights.





I give free mini lessons in art and Japanese language when at Sevenarts in Ellsworth- January 3, 10, 22. Hours during January and February are 10 – 3:00.