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The Studio & Gallery in Winter Harbor Maine,

is open 8-8 year round.

Right off the Easel:

Fall Maine Pastel

Barrens Meet Sea by Birches

Pastel Maine Ocean View

Pigeon Hill Shimmer

Mopn, Waves, Rocks

Waves Under the Moon

Tides Patterns on sand pastel

Tidal Dawn Patterns

PPoppy and TOmato Pasatel

Poppy and Tomatoes

Next Show: Paradise City Fine Art Show,  Northampton, Mass October 11,12,13




Pastel night seascape

Etched Night



Asian Ink of Owl

Night Watch


Pastel fishing boats in winter

Just As It Starts







I give free mini lessons in art and Japanese language when at Sevenarts in Ellsworth- dates are

October 29

November 5,15